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June 22, 2017

Archived IBA News/Stories

Here you may search for the IBA's Long Distance Riding stories from years past.

Please note: many Ride Categories do not yet contain archived stories.
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73 Archived Iron Butt News/Articles for subject:    SaddleSore/BB1500
ArticleAuthorDateRide Type
Mississippi 1000  [external link] Ray Fagan 31-May-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
California SaddleSore  [external link] Jerry White 31-May-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
The Tale of an Iron Butt Rookie Danny Wiley30-Aug-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
Land of Enchandment Rally (picture essay)  [external link] David Ferrance 29-Oct-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
I'll be back! India SaddleSore 1000 Arnob Gupta28-Feb-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
Last Crazy Ride for Sometime! Arnob Gupta28-Feb-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
First USA SaddleSore Richard Keegan27-Oct-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
Toxie Beavers SaddleSore 1000 Toxie Beavers26-Nov-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
2004 Minuteman 1000 Harold Haldeman26-Nov-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
Sagebrush and Mountain 1000  [external link] Adventure Rider 26-May-08 SaddleSore/BB1500
England/France SaddleSore  [external link] David Badcock 26-May-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
A SaddleSore 1000 with Friends and Neighbors Bob Jarvis26-Dec-03 SaddleSore/BB1500
A new way to break in a new R6  [external link] George Zelenz 25-Mar-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
FJR SaddleSore to Tombstone Jerry Holman 25-Jan-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
Monkey Butt sets in on SS1000 Michael Collins25-Apr-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
UK End to End Gold  [external link] Roger Allen 24-Oct-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
Latvia SaddleSore (choose 1000Mi 24h 2005 folder)  [external link] Andris Jansons 24-Jul-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
NYC-1000 Mike Kneebone23-Oct-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
MTF Regional SS1000  [external link] Terry Boling 23-May-08 SaddleSore/BB1500
Mississippi River SaddleSore 1000  [external link] Chuck Stults 23-May-08 SaddleSore/BB1500
Patty Pink's SS1000 - try, try again! Patty Pink23-Jan-08 SaddleSore/BB1500
3,000 mile ride for a 150 mile Poker Run Jim Jaudon22-Mar-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
Big Twin SaddleSore David Knight22-Mar-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
How NOT to do a SaddleSore  [external link] Jeff Gootblatt 22-Dec-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
A fast visit with the (ex) mother inlaw Mike Hardaway20-Mar-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
Chris Berg's series of Ride Reports  [external link] Chris Berg 20-Jan-08 SaddleSore/BB1500
Interesting Photos from Japan SaddleSore 1000  [external link] James Klauzner 20-Feb-08 SaddleSore/BB1500
An entire SaddleSore 1000 on Video  [external link] You Tube Video 19-Feb-08 SaddleSore/BB1500
Fire, ice, rain and wind! Roger Kirkland19-Apr-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
Northeast Loop with 1,000 mile day for fun! Steve Huff18-Mar-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
Mark Jackson's Iron Butt tattoo!  [external link] Mike Kneebone 17-Jan-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
Chocolate SaddleSore 1000  [external link] Bill Allen 16-Jan-08 SaddleSore/BB1500
European Roadrunner Rally! John Hind16/12/01 SaddleSore/BB1500
Broken down in Alaska Scott Fennell15-Sep-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
A Bun Burner BUT.... Scooter Grubb15-Sep-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
A Spin around Scotland in 24 hours!  [external link] Mike McKerrow 15-Mar-08 SaddleSore/BB1500
Beetle Wing slows a SaddleSore 1000  [external link] Robert Josjor 15-Apr-07 SaddleSore/BB1500
A new bike to break in Christopher Eckert14-Nov-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
Almost Heaven Steve Branner14-Feb-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
SaddleSore 1000 - Another addict is born!  [external link] Russell Herberg 13-Oct-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
Birthday Party SaddleSore Lawrence Ortega13-Nov-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
Netherlands to the USA SaddleSore  [external link] Edwin Vosters 13-Dec-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
Times Leader: Journey special to sick children  [external link] N/A 13-Aug-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
A Ninja 250 takes on the SaddleSore  [external link] Evan Yeager 12-Mar-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
Iowa 1000 along with a warm up ride  [external link] Jerry White 11-Sep-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
DC-1000 Robert Higdon11-Sep-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
Scandinavian capitals SaddleSore 1000 Scandinavian capitals11/24/01 SaddleSore/BB1500
One Cold Bun Burner 1500 Phil Tarman11/21/01 SaddleSore/BB1500
Australian SaddleSore 1600k  [external link] David Eagle 09-Jan-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
Aloha 1000 from the back seat. Lisa Kappenberger09-Feb-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
South Africa 1,000 miles off road in 24 hours!  [external link] David Braun 08-Nov-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
Florida 1000 Don Canfield08-Feb-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
SaddleSore Ride for Young Women in Crisis Brian McGauley07-May-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
Aloha 1000 - Hell in Paradise Lisa Landry07-Feb-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
Baby Butt ride photos  [external link] Ron Farkes 06-Nov-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
Baby Butt Photos (3 albums)  [external link] Karen Butterfield 06-Nov-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
Larry Wilson's SS1K: Houston to BRP Larry Wilson06-Jan-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
IBA plate photo collection  [external link] Randy Bishop 05-Nov-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
A long wet SaddleSore1000 Frank Mercer05-Jan-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
South Africa SaddleSore  [external link] Jim Lundberg 05-Feb-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
The Best Time of My Life Kelly Adams05-Apr-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
Saddle Soar 1000 Andy Olson05-Apr-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
West Texas SaddleSore  [external link] David Bell 04-May-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
The Blue Butt Rally  [external link] Tom Lashbrook 04-Mar-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
Russia: Phase Three Underway Robert Higdon04-Aug-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
A South Africa SaddleSore  [external link] Riel Smit 03-Mar-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
Moving Moments over IBA Plate Frames Michael Abadie03-Feb-05 SaddleSore/BB1500
What's in your tank bag?  [external link] . Group Effort 02-May-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
English SaddleSore on American Iron David Badcock02-Jun-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
Bill Watt's BC SaddleSore Bill Watt01-Jun-06 SaddleSore/BB1500
Riding with the Flow Howard Etkind01-Jun-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
Someday Comes Glenn Hickey Jr01-Jun-04 SaddleSore/BB1500
Desert SaddleSore Steve Campbell01-Feb-05 SaddleSore/BB1500

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