Iron Butt Rally
December 07, 2016 Location ==> Iron Butt Rally - 1995
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1995 Iron Butt Rally

The Higdon Reports

Days (-)4 through (+)4 by Robert Higdon

Days 4-11 by Robert Higdon

The Helix Adventure!

Ed Otto's Helix Ride IBR on a 250cc scooter!

Checkpoint Photographs

Pictures from the Maine checkpoint by Richard Riegler

1995 IBR Poem by Prunella Jane Reynolds

Rider Accounts

Jerry Clemmons' 1995 IBR Adventure!

1995 IBR Experience by C.R. Elberfeld

Ron Ayres' Daily Log file

Karol Patzer's '95 IBR account

Some Random Thoughts on the Iron Butt Rally by Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Murphy

Martin Hildebrandt's 1995 IBR Adventure Clothing advice and other observations

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