Iron Butt Rally
December 07, 2016 Location ==> Iron Butt Rally - 1997
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1997 Iron Butt Rally

The Start

The Curtain Rises by Robert Higdon

Day 0 - The Iron by Robert Higdon

World's Shortest Iron Butt Ride? by Joe Denton

Leg One Bonus Listing Illinois to Maine

Photo Bonuses Illinois to Maine

Checkpoint One - Day 1

A Good Start, eh? by Robert Higdon

Rider Standings - Leg One

Leg Two Bonus Listing

Pictures from 1997 Iron Butt Rally Gorham Maine checkpoint by Tim Martin

Day 2: "Room at the Inn" by Robert Higdon

Checkpoint Two - Daytona Beach, Florida

Day 3: "Essential Kindess" by Robert Higdon

Leg 2 Bonus Photos

Rally Standings - Florida

Leg 3 - Florida to California

Leg 3 Bonus Listing: Florida to California

Day 4: "Swamp Thing's Last Stand" by Robert Higdon

Day 5: West Texas "The Things They Do" by Robert Higdon

Checkpoint Three - California

Day 6: "Just Another Day At The Iron Butt Office" by Robert Higdon

Rally Standings - after Leg Three

Leg 3 Bonus Photos - FL to CA

Bonus Listing: CA to WA

Checkpoint Four - Yakima

Day 7: "The Roads Not Taken" by Robert Higdon

Special Report: Ron Major by Robert Higdon

Leg 4 Bonus Photos - CA to WA

Yakima - "A piece of Tape" by Robert Higdon

Yakima Checkpoint Pictures by Phil Kopp

Leg 5: East to The Finish

Bonus Listing: WA to IL

Day 9: Gillette, WY by Robert Higdon

Day 10: Homing Pigeons by Robert Higdon

The Finish in Illinois

Day 11 Illinois - The Circle Closes Includes Final Standings... by Robert Higdon

1997 IBR Epilog by Robert Higdon

Leg 5 Bonus Photos - WA to IL

A Good Reason to Give Up Bench-racing!

Rider Accounts

Bill Kramer's IBR Adventure!

Against The Pavement by Manny Samerio

Eleven Straight Days - Part I by Warren Harhay

Eleven Straight Days - Part II by Warren Harhay

Eleven Straight Days - Part III by Warren Harhay

Eleven Straight Days - Part IV by Warren Harhay

Ron Ayres' Iron Butt Rally Report by Ron Ayres

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