Iron Butt Rally
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1999 Iron Butt Rally

Rider Documents

Official Checkpoint Schedule

Sample Iron Butt Rally Rules

1999 IBR Rider's Letter From Mike Kneebone to all rally participants.

Sample Bonus Listing From California to Washington

Day 0-1: The Start

Ground Zero at Ojai by Robert Higdon

1999 Iron Butt Riders One Tough Group!

Photos from the Start Line by Sam Lepore

Official Bonus Listing - CA to WA

Day One Report "Bad choices..." by Robert Higdon

Day 2: Kennewick

Day 2 Report "Going to Texas?" by Robert Higdon

Kennewick Photography Stunning photos of Checkpoint One by Phil Kopp

Standings at Kennewick

Checkpoint One pictures Photos by Robert Ward

Leg 1 Rider Scorecards See which bonuses each rider garnered!

Leg 2: Days 3-5

Official Bonus Listing Leg 2: Washington to Maine

Day 3 Report "Taking Fire" by Robert Higdon

Day 4 Report "Ron Ayres' Porch" by Robert Higdon

Day 5 Report "The Can" by Robert Higdon


Checkpoint II at Gorham, Maine by Robert Higdon

Rider Standings after Leg 3

Leg 3 Rider Scorecards See which bonuses each rider garnered!

More Gorham photographs by Gary DeLong, NHMRO Webmaster

Day 7- Onward to Florida by Robert Higdon

Saint Augustine - Day 8

Early Checkpoint photos by Jeff Woddell (6/9/99)

Day 8 - St Augustine by Robert Higdon

Leg 3 Bonus Listings Maine to Florida

Florida Rider Standings After Leg III

Rider Scorecards after the Florida checkpoint

Days 9-10: Leg 4

Days 9-10: The Fog of War by Robert Higdon

Leg 4 Bonus Listings Florida to California

Ojai - The Finish

Photos from the Finish! by Pat Widder

1999 IBR - The Finish! by Robert Higdon

Final Rider Standings

Rider Scorecards after the Finish!

1999 Iron Butt Rally - Epilog "St. Exupery's Asteroid B612" by Robert Higdon

Rider photos at the Finish Line by Sam Lepore

The Life of Fran Crane: A Pictorial History

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