IBA Daytona Party

IBA Daytona Party

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The Iron Butt Association's most beloved event - The Annual Bike Week Party will be at 6 pm Friday, March 15, 2019 in JACKSONVILLE, Florida, approximately 80 miles north of the Daytona race track with check-in starting at noon. For those spending the week in the Daytona area and a bit more time, many members will join us Wednesday evening March 13th for socializing or getting ready for the three rides hosted on Thursday, March 14th: a special SaddleSore 1000, the Krazy Key West 1000 and Bun Burner GOLD. Most riders leave for home on Saturday morning the 17th.

Daytona Party Dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m. We are going to serve a buffet style meal of tossed green salad, Italian pasta salad, Waldorf Salad, Green Beans Almandine, Red Bliss potatoes, steamed mixed vegetables, rice pilaf, sirloin beef tips, roast chicken and assorted desserts. As usual, a cash bar will be available. We will do a short presentation at 7:30 p.m. which is always fun, however the goal of the party is to get a chance to meet fellow long-distance riders, share stories and farkling tips (bring your cameras!), make new friends and get caught up with old ones – what more could you ask for?

We have blocked every room in the hotel for those attending the party, at $78 per night including a full cooked breakfast. The hotel does NOT charge for parking or Internet usage. Once your registration is complete, we will forward you the link to obtain the negotiated room rate available only to attendees. You may only make your reservation through the provided link – NOT through the corporate number or website – so please wait to receive the link if you want to be sure to get a reserved room. The letter with the link and other info is not computer generated so it may take a day or two to receive it. Thanks for your patience.

Rider Check In We continue our tradition of creating a unique SaddleSore ride for attendees of the Jacksonville party. For 2019 we’re pleased to announce the JAX 1000. Once again Routemaster Jim and Donna Fousek have put together a fun ride that will take you around Florida.

For those of you who want to see if you can hang with the big dawgs, we will also be hosting a BBG ride on Thursday. This is not for the faint of heart as it’s a challenging ride. Don’t say we didn’t warn you and remember: there is no crying in Long Distance Riding.

Note: Rides are open only to IBA Bike Week Party participants joining us for the festivities at our annual dinner. In addition to being a fun option for current IBA members, it's a great opportunity for potential IBA members to earn their first certificate, personally presented to you by IBA President Michael Kneebone at a special presentation at 4 pm. Trust me, you do NOT want to miss out!

IBA staff will start arriving at the hotel Wednesday, March 13th because we just can't get enough socializing. We pay for the use of the facilities, so even if you do not want to eat, everyone must pay to enter. In the unlikely event this hasn’t already sold out in January, everyone who wishes to attend must register BEFORE February 26, 2019. Remember: Space is limited!! We had an overflow crowd last year; this year we will sell out, so to avoid disappointment we suggest you register as soon as possible. Only Iron Butt Association (IBA) members, their guests or those registering to do a certified ride-in may attend the party. Space is limited and once we are out of room, well, we are out of room....

NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR: Once again we will NOT have tickets available at the door in Jacksonville and someone is always disappointed hoping to jump in last second to a sold out event. Don't travel hundreds or even thousands of miles hoping to snag a last minute seat - they do NOT exist. Please, if you want to attend the party, get a ticket now so you’re not left out because if you just show up in Jacksonville there will NOT be a ticket for you. Word to the wise.

To reserve your entry to the party, register online and pay via PayPal (which will let you pay via Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and of course, Paypal), the cost is $59.19 US per person. Please do NOT send cash or checks to the IBA as your registration will not be able to be confirmed. Please drop Lisa a note if the account name for Paypal is different from the name you use to register.

IBA Premier registration opens January 3rd, 2019, with general registration opening January 22, 2019. The registration web page can be found at:


If this is your first visit to ibaestore.com you will need to create a new account (please try the Forgot Password link first). All IBA members should already have an account - if you are having trouble finding that information, please send Lisa an email and she’ll sort that out for you. Please do NOT open a second account.

Party registration is under the JAX PARTY RIDE category on the left.


If you have problems or questions when registering please contact Lisa at lisa@ironbutt.com Your confirmation letter, along with exact directions, the hotel room reservation link and contact information, will be emailed to you after you register. Historically, if you follow the registration link in a reasonable time after you get the letter, there will be a hotel room available for you, if you've registered and paid for the event. Once the main hotel sells out, overflow rooms will be available a couple of miles down the street for $85 and including breakfast in the host hotel. The hotel across the street has changed management and sadly will no longer offer overflow rates.

Your dinner ticket(s) will be available for pick up at the hotel on Friday starting at noon - nothing will be snail mailed to you.

*** IMPORTANT: hotel letters are not computer generated. They will be sent out in groups, twice a day, based on when your paypal payment is made. This event will sell out and people will be disappointed. Just a reminder that Wendy works very hard to take care of our group but it is your responsibility to make your reservations immediately upon receipt of the hotel letter. Riders who feel the need to try to somehow pull rank, falsely claim to be IBA staff or to be rude to her for any reason will find their name at the very end of the wait list for rooms, per Mike’s instruction, as each year we have a few people who cause 99% of the issues with the hotel.


The refund deadline is February 6, 2019 - our deadline to turn in space and meal commitments to the hotel. After that there will not be any refunds. Due to logistical constraints, we can no longer offer ticket transfers. If you have an extra ticket to sell, you must pick it up in person to effect the transfer. Please understand that your funds will go to support the party for those riders able to attend.

Friday night Party AND JAX ride space is limited! In order for us to accommodate as many people as possible there will be no last minute admission at the door. We pay for the use of the facilities, so even if you do not want to eat, everyone must pay to enter. Everyone who wishes to attend must register BEFORE February 26, 2019, and since we expect the party to fill within just a couple of weeks, we suggest you register as soon as possible. Only Iron Butt Association (IBA) members, their guests or those registering to do a certified ride may attend the party. Space is limited and once we are out of room, well, we are out of room....

PRELIMINARY JAX 1000 Route - 1,063 miles

The JAX 1000 AND BBG version will be held on Thursday, March 14, 2019. Starting from IBA Headquarters in Jacksonville at 6:45 am (about 1 hour before sunrise). The JAX 1000 will be a challenging ride through Florida and looks to be a great way to see some beautiful country.

Successful finishers will receive their certificate Friday afternoon. JAX ride registration is $60.19 and is completed separately at www.ibaestore.com using the JAX PARTY RIDE category.

JAX 1000 Route

We’re excited to announce a new ride to the Bike Week Party lineup!

Krazy Key West 1000 Route - 1,019 miles - this ride will be a YEARLY OPTION for those who need an excuse to grind miles and visit Key West.

The Krazy Key West 1000 will start Thursday, March 14, 2019 OR may be done on your own any time. Starting from IBA Headquarters in Jacksonville at 6:45 am (about 1 hour before sunrise). Those who choose to do this ride at another time, additional documentation will be required.

Successful finishers will receive their certificate Friday afternoon. Krazy Key West 1000 ride registration is $60.19 and is completed separately at www.ibaestore.com using the JAX PARTY RIDE category.

Krazy Key West 1000 Route

PRELIMINARY JAX BBG route - 1,555 miles

The JAX Bun Burner GOLD - 1,555 miles in 24 hours - is an extreme ride. To participate in the BBG version, you MUST have completed at least a SaddleSore 1000 prior to the start of the JAX BBG.



The JAX 1000, Krazy Key West and JAX BBG versions will be documented by photos of key landmarks (camera or smart phone with camera required). At the start on Thursday morning, riders will receive a unique JAX rally flag. If you are new to documenting rides via flags, please visit:

How to set up your rally flag in Rally Flag 101


The route will be provided in various formats, as well as GPS co-ordinates on February 20th so you will have time to set-up your GPS. While the route is fairly simple, using a GPS will simplify following the route and finding the required check in locations.

Everything needed for the ride will be provided by February 20, 2019. The 6:45 am riders meeting on the morning of the ride should be brief.

JAX 1000, Krazy Key West 1000 and BBG REFUND DEADLINE

Because this ride requires a certain level of administrative and product support, the refund deadline is February 6, 2019. After that, there cannot be refunds. However, if weather is not cooperative on the day of the ride, or you can not otherwise make the start line, you may complete this ride up to two years later (including later Bike Week events) and apply via snail mail; your JAX 1000 or 1500 fee will cover the cost of the certification and other ride items.

Riders who start but are unable to finish on the 15th or 16th, may also complete the ride at a later date and snail mail their documentation in for certification.

I look forward to seeing each of you again at the party in Jacksonville!

Michael Kneebone
President, Iron Butt Association

IBA Party rides always feature a specialty certification
something totally unique for just this ride!

Gator 1000 certificate

2010 IBA Legends finishers (Steve Hobart photo)

JAX Route placeholder

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