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IBA Trademark History

Iron Butt Association

When you think of motorcycle clubs, one of the last things you want to think about are some of the legal issues surrounding the club, but next to liability, protecting the various Iron Butt trademarks take up a good portion of the Association's resources and unfortunately, budget.

Although you might be inclined to think this is nothing but a boring legal notice for those doing trademark research, this is not the case. The Iron Butt name has a rich history and following our name/trademark history is a great way to learn a little more about the club's existence and growth.

Today, more than ever, it is vital to protect the Iron Butt family of trademarks. As a direct result of the Iron Butt Association's success in placing the Iron Butt name in the press, in advertisements and in catalog and product endorsements over the years, more and more people are trying to take and use the Iron Butt name for their own profit. It is important that each of our members work to protect the name and heritage that each of you have earned by completing an Iron Butt Association ride. This club has never aimed to make money by selling products to just anyone. As always, the only way to enter the club is to earn your membership by completing an Iron Butt Ride, not merely sending someone $10 for a shirt, hat or pin with an "Iron Butt" blazed across it because they wanted to make a quick buck. If just anyone can purchase an Iron Butt shirt, or hat, what value does that make of the hard work you did to earn your Iron Butt credentials? On that note, it is vital that you forward unauthorized usage of our names to: Iron Butt Association, 6326 W. Grace St., Chicago, IL 60634 or via e-mail: kneebone@ironbutt.com

Name and Trademark History:

In 1982, the Iron Butt Association took the first step forward in protecting the Iron Butt family of names. Back then the "family" consisted of Iron Butt (as opposed to the health-sales industry where "iron men" were muscular, we shaped the phrase to mean a tough-as-nails butt, or immune to pain and eventually tough as iron, when used in connection to riding a motorcycle long distances), Iron Butt Ride (a variety of one day or two day long distance rides of 750 miles or more), Iron Butt Run (where a group of rider completed an Iron Butt Ride), Iron Butt Rider [a term that originated from "one that rides long distances on an Iron Butt Association ride"], Iron Butt Club [this was actually the original club's name, before Association was adopted for the larger organization in 1987], Mile Eater (originally placed on any rider that did more than a 1,000 miles in a day), Odo Heads (riders that flipped their odometers over 100,000 miles), 100K Club (100,000 miles or more in a year), additionally, we also protected the phrases "Dedicated to Safe Long Distance Riding" (expanded in 1989 to "Dedicated to Safe Long Distance Endurance Riding"), "World's Toughest Motorcycle Riders" and "World's Toughest Riders" (this phrase is used where our logo is present and where a lack of room keeps motorcycle out of the artwork). We also placed trademarks on our logos, an outline of the United States of America (used in different events, but generally speaking with the word "Iron Butt" used inside or around the outline and the more commonly known logo, a globe with the words Iron Butt or Iron Butt Association through the face or around the globe itself). Additionally, although protected by copyright on the artwork, after a long, costly battle with a motorcycle club that took a portion of artwork with a rider wearing iron underwear from the 1987 rally logo, we decided advised that future rally logos would be individually trademarked (in general a trademark offers broader legal coverage than Copyright does). Beginning in 1991, all rally logos were marked as trademarks of each individual rally (1991, 1993, 1995 and 1997).

Once material was prepared (including all certificates of accomplishment and association stationary), a vigorous campaign was launched to educate our members about trademark law as it related to our logo. Our primary goal was to insure whenever someone used one of the Iron Butt family of names, they included a tm after the name. To help forward this goal, stationary was custom printed for personal use of key members of the club. Additionally, members were asked to notify the club whenever they saw usage outside the scope of the club so that we could notify organizations that they were using an Iron Butt Association trademark.

Iron Butt, Iron Butt Association, SaddleSore and BunBurner are registered Service and Trademarks

The Association is represented by:

Joseph T. Nabor
Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery
Suite 1600
120 S. La Salle Street
Chicago, IL 60603-3406

In 1987, Iron Butt Association member Dave McQueeney created and passed ownership to the Iron Butt Association for the 50cc Quest (50 hours coast to coast) and the 10/10ths (10 consecutive 1,000 mile days); all material associated with the ride was noted with appropriate trademark notations.

In 1988, Michael Kneebone created the National Parks Tour Master Traveler Awards" and Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge". He turned over ownership to the Iron Butt Association and on taking possession, all material associated with the ride was noted with appropriate trademark notations.

In October of 1988, the Iron Butt Association obtained the trademark (and ownership) of the Iron Butt Rally (the 11 day, 11,000 mile rally). In line with IBA's catchy, "World's Toughest Motorcycle Riders"" the The Iron Butt Association, new owner of the rally, took this opportunity to protect the phrase, "World's Toughest Motorcycle Competition"" and "World's Toughest Motorcycle Rally"" both which had become associated with the Iron Butt Rally.

In 1991, the Iron Butt Association acquired the rights of the Half-Fast 750", SaddleSore" and Bun-Burner" trademarks from Les Martin owner of the California Motorcycle Touring Association (CMTA). Spelling was standardized among the rides.

In 1996, Iron Butt Association licensed usage of the names, on a limited use basis, to Michael Gasper for the Half-Fast", SaddleSore" and Bun-Burner" rides. We also provided certificates with appropriate trademarks on the face.

In 1997, the Iron Butt Association licensed the use of "Butt" in TarButt rally on a limited use basis. We also provided certificates with appropriate trademarks on the face.

In 1997, the Iron Butt Association licensed the use of "Butt" in TimberButt rally on a limited use basis. We also provided certificates with appropriate trademarks on the face.

In 1997, the Iron Butt Association licensed the use of "Butt" in "Butt Lite Rally" rally on a limited use basis. No trademark material was issued to the Butt Lite Rally, however, their attorney is aware of trademark law and no problems resulting from use is expected.

In 1998, the Iron Butt Association created a new ride (actually the idea of Randell Hendricks from Texas and Donald Moses from Nevada), the "CCC GOLD"" also known as "100ccc Insanity"" and all material associated with the ride was noted with appropriate trademarks.

Iron Butt Association Trademarks:

1982 Iron Butt™ (when used to describe a motorcycle ride, event or rider).

1982 Iron Butt Club™

1982 Iron Butt Ride™

1982 Iron Butt Run™

1987 Iron Butt AssociationĀ® (new name from Iron Butt Club which was kept for different rides).

1987 Mile Eater™

1987 Odo Heads™

1987 50cc Quest™

1987 10/10ths™

1987 100K Club™

1987 "Dedicated to Safe Long Distance Riding"™

1988 Obtained ownership of Iron Butt Rally™ Trademark

1988 "World's Toughest Motorcycle Competition"™

1988 "World's Toughest Motorcycle Rally"™

1988 National Parks Tour Master Traveler Award™

1988 Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge™

1989 "Dedicated to Safe Long Distance Endurance Riding"™

1988 National Parks Tour Master Traveler Award™

1989 "World's Toughest Motorcycle Riders"™

1989 "World's Toughest Riders"™

1989 "48 State Challenge"™

1989 Various Iron Butt Association Logos (US Outline and World designs)

1991 acquired the rights of the Half-Fast 750™, SaddleSore" and Bun-Burner" trademarks

1991 Iron Butt Rally Logo™

1993 Iron Butt Rally Logo™

1994 Grants limited use license to Gary Moore to use Iron Butt in Iron Butt Motel T-Shirt (this shirt was based on a trademarked logo from the 1991 Iron Butt developed by Paige Ortiz)

1996 Granted limited use license to Michael Gasper for Half-Fast, SaddleSore and Bun Burner

1996 48/10™ - 48 States in 10 days

1995 Iron Butt Rally Logo™

1997 Iron Butt Rally Logo™

1997 Entered into licensing agreement with Gary Moore to produce shirts based on 1994 license agreement.

1997 Licensed the use of "Butt" in TarButt rally on a limited use basis

1997 Licensed the use of "Butt" TimberButt rally

1997 Licensed the use of "Butt" in "Butt Lite Rally™

1998 "CCC GOLD"" "100ccc Insanity"™

1998 The Longest Month™

1998 Bun Burner 3000 GOLD™

1998 48 Plus!™

1999 Border to Border to Border Insanity GOLD™

1999 Border to Border Insanity™

2001 20/20 Insanity - 20 days - 20,000 Miles™

2001 Around the World Club GOLD™

2001 Around the World Club™

2001 Alabama SaddleSore 1000™ (AL-1000)

2001 Alaska SaddleSore 1000™ (AK-1000)

2001 Arizona SaddleSore 1000™ (AZ-1000)

2001 Arkansas SaddleSore 1000™ (AZ-1000)

2001 California SaddleSore 1000™ (CA-1000)

2001 Colorado SaddleSore 1000™ (CO-1000)

2001 Connecticut SaddleSore 1000™ (CT-1000)

2001 Delaware SaddleSore 1000™ (DE-1000)

2001 Florida SaddleSore 1000™ (FL-1000)

2001 Georgia SaddleSore 1000™ (GA-1000)

2001 Hawaii SaddleSore 1000™ (HI-1000)

2001 Idaho SaddleSore 1000™ (ID-1000)

2001 Illinois SaddleSore 1000™ (IL-1000)

2001 Indiana SaddleSore 1000™ (IN-1000)

2001 Iowa SaddleSore 1000™ (IA-1000)

2001 Kansas SaddleSore 1000™ (KS-1000)

2001 Kentucky SaddleSore 1000™ (KY-1000)

2001 Louisiana SaddleSore 1000™ (LA-1000)

2001 Maine SaddleSore 1000™ (ME-1000)

2001 Maryland SaddleSore 1000™ (MD-1000)

2001 Massachusetts SaddleSore 1000™ (MA-1000)

2001 Michigan SaddleSore 1000™ (MI-1000)

2001 Minnesota SaddleSore 1000™ (MN-1000)

2001 Mississippi SaddleSore 1000™ (MS-1000)

2001 Missouri SaddleSore 1000™ (MO-1000)

2001 Montana SaddleSore 1000™ (MT-1000)

2001 Nebraska SaddleSore 1000™ (NE-1000)

2001 Nevada SaddleSore 1000™ (NV-1000)

2001 New Hampshire SaddleSore 1000™ (NH-1000)

2001 New Jersey SaddleSore 1000™ (NJ-1000)

2001 New Mexico SaddleSore 1000™ (NM-1000)

2001 New York SaddleSore 1000™ (NY-1000)

2001 North Carolina SaddleSore 1000™ (NC-1000)

2001 North Dakota SaddleSore 1000™ (ND-1000)

2001 Ohio SaddleSore 1000™ (OH-1000)

2001 Oklahoma SaddleSore 1000™ (OK-1000)

2001 Oregon SaddleSore 1000™ (OR-1000)

2001 Pennsylvania SaddleSore 1000™ (PA-1000)

2001 Rhode Island SaddleSore 1000™ (RI-1000)

2001 South Carolina SaddleSore 1000™ (SC-1000)

2001 South Dakota SaddleSore 1000™ (SD-1000)

2001 Tennessee SaddleSore 1000™ (TN-1000)

2001 Texas SaddleSore 1000™ (TX-1000)

2001 Utah SaddleSore 1000™ (UT-1000)

2001 Vermont SaddleSore 1000™ (VT-1000)

2001 Virginia SaddleSore 1000™ (VA-1000)

2001 Washington SaddleSore 1000™ (WA-1000)

2001 Washington, DC SaddleSore 1000™ (DC-1000)

2001 West Virginia SaddleSore 1000™ (WV-1000)

2001 Wisconsin SaddleSore 1000™ (WI-1000)

2001 Wyoming SaddleSore 1000™ (WY-1000)

2001 Chicago 1000™ (CHICAGO-1000)

2001 Denver 1000™ (DENVER-1000)

2001 New York City 1000™ (NYC-1000)

2001 Las Vegas 1000™ (VEGAS-1000)

2001 Los Angeles 1000™ (LAC-1000)

2001 Seattle 1000™ (SEATTLE-1000)

2001 San Francisco 1000™ (SFC-1000)

2001 Toronto 1000/1600K™ (TORONTO-1000/1600K)

2001 Victoria Island 1000/1600K™ (VICTORIA-1000)

2001 Alberta SaddleSore 1000/1600K™ (AB-1000/1600K)

2001 British Columbia SaddleSore 1000/1600K™ (BC-1000/1600K)

2001 Manitoba SaddleSore 1000/1600K™ (MB-1000/1600K)

2001 New Brunswick SaddleSore 1000/1600K™ (NB-1000/1600K)

2001 Newfoundland SaddleSore 1000/1600K™ (NF-1000/1600K)

2001 Nova Scotia SaddleSore 1000/1600K™ (NS-1000/1600K)

2001 Ontario SaddleSore 1000/1600K™ (ON-1000/1600K)

2001 Quebec SaddleSore 1000/1600K™ (QC-1000/1600K)

2001 Saskatchewan SaddleSore 1000/1600K™ (SK-1000/1600K)

2001 Yukon SaddleSore 1000/1600K™ (YT-1000/1600K)

2002 Euro-Asia Coast to Coast GOLD™

2002 Euro-Asia Coast to Coast™

2002 48 States - 3 Countries!™

2002 Ultimate Americas Challenge™

2002 Trans Siberia Express GOLD™

2002 Ultimate North America Challenge™

2002 Far North Insanity™

2002 Bay to Bay GOLD™

2002 Australian CCC GOLD™

2002 Gibraltar to Nordkapp GOLD™

2003 Bun Burner 2500K GOLD™

2003 Bun Burner GOLD Trifecta™

2005 Mississippi Gold™

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