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Iron Butt Association
November 19, 2015

Iron Butt Magazine

The Iron Butt Magazine is the ultimate guide to long distance motorcycling.

It is designed to inform, educate and inspire over 60,000 riders worldwide who strive to keep abreast of the latest technological advances and trends. The process starts with a group of highly talented writers whose work is illustrated by an equally talented pool of graphic artists and photographers. This content is then put into the hands of the magazine's editors and art director who shape the magazine into its final presentation. The end result is a magazine that contains informative articles, editorials, pictorials, profiles, product reviews, and technical pieces for riders of all skill levels -- from experts to novices. It is the only professionally produced periodical of its kind.

The Iron Butt Magazine, published quarterly, 1 year (4 issues) $20 is available for purchase now through the Iron Butt Association's website at www.IronButtRecords.com (Accepts Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover via PayPal Engine - you will need to create an account on this web site) or at the Iron Butt Store with Visa or Mastercard at www.ibaestore.com (slightly harder to use for ordering magazine but uses standard merchant account). OR via snail mail and check by sending the following to:

Iron Butt Association
PO Box 4223
Lisle, IL 60532

include a check for $20 made payable to Iron Butt Association

PREMIER MEMBERS: Your membership includes a subscription to the Iron Butt Magazine.

Sample Magazine content (in PDF format - obvioulsy much nicer in print!) SOME ENTIRE ISSUES AVAILABLE AT END OF THIS LIST:

Fall 2014 -- China 1000

Winter 13/14 -- BMW Final Drive report

Don't skip this article just because you ride something besides a BMW! At least skip the last page and check out how the government looks at **who** posts a safety complaint to it!

Winter 12/13 -- Chains and Wheel Alignment, pages 64 - 67

Winter 12/13 -- Gold Wing GL1800 Farkle Project, pages 23 - 27

Summer 2012 -- SPOT your motorcycle, pages 48 - 51

Summer 2012 -- Auxiliary Fuel Cells, pages 28 - 31

Winter 2011 -- Developing a Long-Distance Nutrition Strategy, pages 32 - 36

Winter 2011 -- Doing Stupid Things (riding safety), pages 48 - 51

Fall 2011 -- First Aid Kits, pages 30 - 33

Fall 2011 -- Aftermarket Saddles, pages 62 - 64

Fall 2011 -- Schuberth's C3 Rider Communication System, pages 66 - 67

Summer 2011 -- Motorcycle Fuel Economy, pages 58 - 62

Summer 2011 -- Gas Saving Myths, pages 64 - 65

Spring 2011 -- Specialty SaddleSore 1000 Rides, pages 40-41

Fall 2010 -- Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, pages 76 - 82

Fall 2010 -- Secure Personal Location Management: Spot, pages 54-57

Summer 2010 -- How Fast Do You Ride?, pages 22-24

Summer 2010 -- LDR Workshop; Long-Distance Riding in Hot Weather, pages 62-66

Spring 2010 -- Product Review; Metzeler Roadtec Z6 Interact, pages 70-71

Spring 2010 -- Busted!!!, pages 20-21

Premier Issue -- The IBA: It's History, Appeal and Mystique, pages 12-17

Pre-Ride Equipment

ENTIRE ISSUES - HUGE DOWNLOAD - 33 to 70 megabytes each in PDF format:

Premier Issue -- DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE ISSUE in PDF format - 32 megabytes

Summer 2010 Issue -- DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE ISSUE in PDF format - 60 megabytes

Spring 2011 Issue -- DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE ISSUE in PDF format - 71 megabytes

Contributing to the Iron Butt Magazine
The Iron Butt Magazine is devoted to publishing information on all aspects of long distance riding. If you’d like to contribute to the magazine, we are always looking for talented writers and contributors and would love to hear from you. Writers guidelines are available in PDF format at:

IBA Magazine Writers Guidelines

Please respect our intellectual property rights. Do not distribute any of these documents, or portions therein, without the written permission of the Iron Butt Association!


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