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Iron Butt Association National Parks Tour Master Traveler Award Comments

Passport Stamp The object of the Iron Butt Association's National Parks Tour is to take some time to visit the hundreds of National Parks, National Historic Sites, National Recreation Areas, and National Monuments located in the United States and Canada.

Regarding Iron Butt Rides: In my opinion and without a doubt, I believe the Iron Butt Bun Burner Gold is the single toughest Iron Butt Ride. While the BBG is arguably the toughest Iron Butt ride I believe the Iron Butt National Parks Tour is the most satisfying, not to mention the most interesting, of Iron Butt Rides.

I have attempted the National Park Tour twice and both times came up short. In the first attempt in 2005 I simply ran out of time. In the second attempt in 2007 I had well over the required 50 parks logged and 23 states. I lacked only two states to complete the tour. All I needed to do was Park collect a stamp in neighboring Alabama and Florida to complete the NPT in the time allotted. I had a month and a half to ride collect these two states. Normally that would've been easy, but 2007 was not a normal year. About the time I was finishing the NPT our family was beset with a series of family emergencies and I wasn't able to finish the NPT.

Even though twice I didn't complete the NPT, I nevertheless had great tours of the country visiting places I probably would not have visited, but for the NPT. In 2005 I concentrated on National Parks along the west coast and points in between. In 2008 I collected stamps up the east coast and into New England. Once my separated shoulder heals enough so that I can ride long-distances I'll begin a 2009 NPT attempt. This time I think I'll concentrate on National Parks along the northern tier of the country [I've been wanting to visit Glacier National Park for 10 years and this just may be the year.] Hopefully I'll finish the NPT time, but if I don't, I've still will have seen a lot more of our beautiful country and will have created a lot of memories to savor for the rest of my life.

We live in a vast and beautiful country and riding a motorcycle visiting National Parks on the National Park Tour is a great way to see the country. Thank you Iron Butt Association for creating the National Park Tour . . . the most satisfying and most interesting of Iron Butt rides.

Wes McCann
Roswell, GA