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Ride Around Texas

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The Ride Around Texas History (from the Motorcycle Tourers web site

Doug Woodall, a Gold Member of the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum had been discussing a possible new Iron Butt Association Ride which was originally given the nickname of "The Texas Rim Job". For obvious reasons it seemed that a more appropriate nickname might be considered so the nickname of the ride was changed to the RAT. This ride would require riders to travel the outline of Texas without leaving the state.

The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum has an annual event they call the Poker Run From Hell (PRFH). Alan Leduc, Founder of the MTF, contacted Doug and ask if he would consider giving his idea for the RAT Ride to the MTF for use in it's 2005 PRFH with the idea that the ride would be developed to the Iron Butt Association Standards and then would be donated to the Iron Butt Association for all to enjoy. Doug agreed to both donate the ride and to serve as the Ride Manager for the 2005 PRFH.

Several months of planning went into development of the ride as it was important to have sufficient stops to ensure both that the corners of the route were marked and that the route stayed in Texas. It was planned that Doug Woodall, Jason Jonas (the MTF IBA Liaison), Alan Leduc, and a few other members would do a pre-PRFH ride to validate the route, work out issues with mandatory stops, determine whether the ideas with regard to RAT Insanity Gold, and RAT Insanity times for certification were appropriate. Life happens. Jason got a job, Doug came out of retirement and accepted a position in Arizona. So Alan agreed to do the pre-PRFH ride during his spring break in March 6-9, 2005.

There is a detailed trip report and ride analysis at and it is highly recommended reading before you start out on this ride!

There are two certification levels:

Ride Around Texas Insanity Finishers (Around Texas in 85 hours)


Ride Around Texas Insanity GOLD Finishers (Around Texas in 70 hours)

You may start at any point on this route, but you must complete all the stops and close the loop (end at your start point)

Provide the following receipts: START Location Texarkana Port Arthur  Port  Bolivar Victoria   South Padre Island Del  Rio   Big  Bend  (picture of your motorcycle in front of park entrance acceptable) Panther Junction Lajitas (picture of your motorcycle in front of hotel or other sign acceptable) Presidio Anthony Guadalupe Mountains National Park (picture of your motorcycle in front of park entrance acceptable) Kermit Texline Follett Childress Paris END Location (if possible, use same gas station as start location) As this ia an advanced certification, this is a certification program only (certificate only) and does NOT include a pin or plate back as it is assumed you have these items by now!

Checklist of documents needed for Iron Butt Association for the Ride Around Texas certification: ___ Copies of Witness forms (starting and ending, others) use logs and witness forms from SaddleSore 1000 ___ Copies of Receipts (do not send originals!) from key locations listed above ___ Map (may be photocopy) showing route with towns stopped in circled ___ Explanation of any problems encountered, for example, "In Big Bend National park, at my third gas stop, I was unable to get a dated receipt. I asked the attendant to sign his name on the back but he refused to do so. The phone number of the station is (555) 555-1212 - he will verify that I was there at 10 a.m. on August 4, 2008." Also, please complete the following information for your certificate (it goes to the person that does the certificate and not the verification team): Address to mail certificates to: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Contact phone number(s), best time to reach you: _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ If you have one, your e-mail address: ___________________________ Name you want on certificate: _______________________________________ (for example, Jonathan J. Smith, SR or John Smith) Your age (only used for statistics): _________ Circle One (only used for statistics): Male Female Did you do this ride with anyone else? Y/N If so, who: ______________________________________________________________ Date of start: ___________________ (for example, May 1, 2008) Motorcycle make/model ridden: _______________________________ Note: this is used on your certificate. For example, do you want us to list your Honda Gold Wing as a Honda GL1500 or do you want us to list it as a Honda Gold Wing. You may also include a model year if you want, for example; 1993 Honda Gold Wing. Actual time from start to finish: Hours: ________ Minutes: ________ Miles Ridden according to your odometer: _______________________ Note: These will probably be changed by the verification team. If you used a GPS (Global Positioning Device) and noted your mileage, please enter that reading here: _______________________ Send the package, along with a check for $60 US (PLEASE DO NOT USE A STAPLE ON YOUR CHECK) to: Iron Butt Association P.O. Box 9450 Naperville, IL 60567-9450 DO NOT send CASH! Please contact if you are from outside of North America and need alternate means of payment!