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Please respect our intellectual property rights. Do not distribute this document, or portions therein, without the written permission of the Iron Butt Association. The Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge is a trademark of the Iron Butt Association.

Last Revision: June 5, 2008 - always check that these are the current rules before starting your ride! Note: The Iron Butt Association web site always has the current rules.


Your ride needs to be completely documented (steps outlined below) and cross North America from Key West, Florida to Deadhorse, Alaska (also known as Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) in 30 days or less. The ride can be completed in either direction; Alaska to Florida OR Florida to Alaska

You must ride the same motorcycle for the entirety of the ride, NO SWAPPING of motorcycles allowed. If you break down, you must repair your motorcycle before continuing and return to the point it broke down and continue your trip.

WARNING: Due to the tragedy in New York City on 9/11/2001, there has been renewed talk of closing the road to Deadhorse. You should check to insure the road is open to the public before attempting this ride. Additionally, this ride will take you to the far-north. You can expect snowy conditions EVERY MONTH of the year. The most practical times to plan this ride is in July and August. Even then, you may face snow storms, road construction and endless miles of impassable road. Additionally, in Canada and Alaska you are dealing with more wildlife than in the rest of North America. You should be prepared for encounters with bears, moose and other large animals that will cross your path.

NOTE: If you are carrying large fuels cells, you still MUST stop at least once every 400 miles to obtain a gas receipt.

NOTE: These rules serve as a guideline. When you are on the road, concentrate on finishing the ride without an accident. If you lose one receipt, we can generally reconstruct your claim without a problem. For example, do not backtrack just to obtain a missing gas receipt!

PREPARATION FOR THE START (assumes Key West start):

You MUST take a picture of you AND YOUR motorcycle in front of a Key West landmark. For example, a "Welcome to Key West, Florida' sign or the large concrete marker on the south-west side of the island proclaming you have reached the southern most point of the United States.

Find at least one police officer, firefighter, judge, notary public or authorized Iron Butt Association member willing to sign your witness form (sample attached). You may fill out the witness section with the Police Station/Fire House address. Ask the officer to supply his badge number and note it on the witness form. Should you be unable to find a willing police officer (please note that to date, this is rarely a problem - it is easier than it sounds) or you wish to start your ride from a motorcycle dealership, the Iron Butt Association will gladly accept the signature of any two dealership employees. If that is not possible, you will have to find at least three (3) independent eye-witnesses.

Fill up your gas tank and obtain a computer printed gas receipt with a legible date and time stamp.


The following log entries and completed witness forms are mandatory:

1. Log entries must be made at each gas stop. A log entry includes the following information; DATE, TIME, TIME ZONE, LOCATION (i.e. Yuma, AZ) and ODOMETER reading. A receipt must accompany each log book entry. All gas receipts must be readable and it is vital that we can read the date, city, state and number of gallons purchased. If the city is not pre-printed, ask the clerk to include a mailing address or contact phone number.

2. Log entries must be made at each stop longer than 10 minutes (for example a rest stop). Each entry must include the start time and ending time. Meals are considered rest stops - don't forget to obtain a restaurant receipt.

3. If your route includes any toll roads or bridges, you must obtain a dated receipt and make a log entry.

When you reach Deadhorse, Alaska, if possible, obtain a computer-printed gas receipt with a legible date and time stamp. Also, obtain the business phone number (usually just asking for a business card of the gas station will take care of this requirement).


If a computer receipt is not available (afterall, Deadhorse is really nothing but a few trailers!), we will accept time stamps from any Deadhorse, Alaska business.

After you get the gas receipt, find at least two (2) independent eye-witnesses OR one police officer, firefighter, judge, notary public or authorized Iron Butt Association member willing to sign your witness form (sample attached). Please note that Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay has very few actual residents. Most people live in other areas, and work several weeks on and off. Make sure you get an address of a witness where they can get mail several weeks after you submit your ride documentation.

You MUST take a picture of you AND YOUR motorcycle in front of a Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay landmark. For example, the "Prudhoe Bay Inn" sign or the Deadhorse airport sign on one of the hangers.

Before sending for your award, take a map and circle the cities you stopped in (don't forget the start and ending points) for gas/food/etc (a Xerox of a map is acceptable). We use this map to assist the person verifying the routes (several riders turned in winding, twisting routes that sometimes took hours to find the small towns they stopped in).

To obtain your award, (a paper certificate and an Ultimate Coast to Coast pin), forward a set of copies of your documentation and a check (U.S. currency) to:

Iron Butt Association
P.O. Box 9450
Naperville, IL 60567-9450

* * Retain your original documentation - only send copies! * *

Please make your check payable to the "Iron Butt Association". Please note that we do not make any money on this ride, this is our approximate cost of administrating this program.

Before we can issue your award, you may be asked to clarify certain aspects of your ride and/or documentation. Additionally, certain aspects of your ride are subject to audit which may delay the final determination of your claim for the award.

Provided your documentation is in order, your time will be computed as follows:

Local time at finish - local starting time +/- time zone changes as required. (Please provide your time claim so that if we do not match your numbers, we can contact you).

We strongly caution that these rules are guidelines. Out on the road it may not be possible to follow these rules to the letter. If that happens, please explain any problem you encountered and we will do our best to work out a solution. For example, on the 50cc Quest, 49 hours and 44 minutes into the ride and needing a good receipt to stop the clock, one person could not find a gas station with a computer generated receipt (obviously, our favorite type), so she got six locals to witness the time she arrived. Her other documents clearly supported her claim of riding from Jacksonville, Florida to San Diego, California in the time-frame she claimed so we did not hesitate to process her award.

If you have any questions about this ride, you may write to the Iron Butt Association at kneebone@ironbutt.com

Obtaining Suitable Eyewitnesses for Iron Butt Association rides:

In order to complete an Iron Butt Association ride, we require that you obtain "independent corroboration" in the form of signed authentication by independent, impartial adult witnesses. Attached is a sample witness form that is designed to comply with Iron Butt Association requirements (although our sample is typed, you don't need anything that fancy). Additionally, you will need to maintain a log book in chronological order. Each entry in this log must contain the following information:

Date and time of stop, location (city and state) and odometer reading (sample attached).

Generally speaking, you will need to find one police officer at both the start and end of your ride to witness the date, time and location. According to riders that have attempted these rides, you can easily (usually) find police officers to sign your log book. However, there may be times when you need to ask several officers to find one that will be willing to be your witness. Getting an officer to sign your book may take a bit of salesmanship on your part. Persistence pays off - just keep asking officers until successful. Before attempting this ride, it is highly recommended that you print up some sample forms and practice at a local police department.

==> If you wish to start your ride from a motorcycle dealership, the Iron Butt Association will <==
==> gladly accept the signature of any two dealership employees. <==

Should you not be able to obtain Police Eyewitnesses or start in a motorcycle shop, you may substitute three independent people (however, they may not be fellow riders that are also trying the ride with you!).

Make sure that you inform potential witnesses that the Iron Butt Association may be auditing certain aspects of your ride and may be sending them a letter with a copy of the page they signed asking them to verify the information provided. Remember, a witness who doesn't bother to respond to an audit letter is as good as having no witness at all! To this extent, it is highly recommended that you send a thank you note to all of your witnesses after you complete your ride. Besides, many of them will be waiting to hear how you did.

Try to remember that you must act as a salesperson each time you approach someone to sign your log. If someone doesn't want to provide their home address - suggest they give a business address. According to experienced riders, taking a few minutes to explain your ride to potential witnesses will get them involved. Most people will actually feel honored to sign your witness form. However, attitude plays a key role, if someone refuses to sign your book, don't argue, move on to the next person.

                            EYEWITNESS FORM

                   Ultimate Coast to Coast Witness Form 

Date: ______________________            Local Time:______________

License Number: ____________            Odometer Reading: _______ 
License State:  ____________            Make & Model: ___________

This witness form is for:    _____________________________


                             (Riders Name and address)         

The location of this stop is: ________________________________________





              First Witness (Please Print)  Second Witness (Please Print)

Witness Name: ___________________________   ___________________________

Address:      ___________________________   ___________________________

              ___________________________   ___________________________

              ___________________________   ___________________________

Signature:    ___________________________   ___________________________

Phone:        ___________________________   ___________________________
(Note: Obtaining a phone number where we can contact your eyewitnesses
       will speed up the issuing of your award)


Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge:

            (Fill in Name and Address above)

DATE       TIME      LOCATION                          ODOMETER READING
           (include zone)


























Checklist of documents needed for the Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge:

___ Copies of Witness forms (starting and ending, others)

___ Copies of Receipts (do not send originals!)

___ Map (may be photocopy) showing route with towns stopped in circled

___ Explanation of any problems encountered, for example, "In central
    Illinois, at my third gas stop, I was unable to get a dated 
    receipt.  I asked the attendant to sign his name on the back
    but he refused to do so. The phone number of the station is
    (555) 555-1212 - he will verify that I was there at 10 a.m. 
    on August 4, 2001."

If you wish to have a SaddleSore 1000, 2000 or 
Bun-Burner 1500 certified on the same ride, there are 
some savings for us in postage and administrative costs 
that we can pass on to you. 

Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge (complete package, verification, 
pin, and certificate):                                      $55.00

If desired, SaddleSore 2,000 verification and certificate   $20.00

If desired, SaddleSore 1,000 verification and certificate   $20.00

If desired, Bun-Burner 1,500 verification and certificate   $20.00

If desired, Bun-Burner GOLD verification and certificate    $20.00

Additional Ultimate Coast to Coast pin if desired           $10.00

Total Enclosed:                                          _________

Also, please complete the following information for your certificate
(it goes to the person that does the certificate and not the verification 

Rides completed (circle all that you are applying for)  Ultimate
Coast to Coast Challenge, SaddleSore 1000, SaddleSore 2000, 
Bun-Burner 1,500, Bun Burner GOLD:

Address to send your award to (since the certificate package is
nine inches by 14 inches, it is best to us a work or other address
with a large mailbox):




Contact phone number(s), best time to reach you: 



If you have one, your e-mail address: ___________________________

Name you want on certificate: ___________________________________ 
(for example, Jonathan J. Smith, SR or John Smith)

Your age (only used for statistics): _________

Circle One (only used for statistics):  Male   Female

Did you do this ride with anyone else?  Y/N  If so, who:


Date of start:  ___________________  (for example, May 5, 2001)

Motorcycle make/model ridden: _______________________________
Note: this is used on your certificate.  For example, do you want 
us to list your Honda Gold Wing as a Honda GL1500 or do you want
us to list it as a Honda Gold Wing.  You may also include a 
model year if you want, for example; 1993 Honda Gold Wing.

Actual time from start to finish: Days: _________  Hours: ________ Minutes: ________

Miles Ridden according to your odometer: _______________________
Note: These will probably be changed by the verification team.

If you used a GPS (Global Positioning Device) and noted your
mileage, please enter that reading here: _______________________

Start and end Cities/towns your ride included: 

Name of start city: ______________________________________
Note: for the **certificate** you may substitute a large coastal city 
nearby if you want; for example, if you start in Ocean View Beach, 
Florida, (a very small community near Jacksonville, Florida), it is 
acceptable to put Jacksonville as the starting point for the certificate.

Name of end city ________________________
Note: Same rules apply to these cities as noted above.

SaddleSore/Bun Burner documentation:

If you want to include a SaddleSore 1000, SaddleSore 2000 or Bun Burner 
with your award, please list start city, end city and highlight the 24 
hour periods you want to use in your trip log (this does not have to be 
anything fancy, just mark up in your log, START SaddleSore 1000, END 
SaddleSore 1000.

Start City: ______________________________ Note: Same rules apply to these cities as noted above. Name of end city ________________________ Note: Same rules apply to these cities as noted above. Miles ridden (please note start and end points in your log): __________ Finally, you must certify that what you are telling us is accurate: I (print name): _____________________________, hereby certify that the statements in this application for certification are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Signed: _________________________ Date: ___________ Send the package, along with a check for US funds to (PLEASE DO NOT USE A STAPLE ON YOUR CHECK) to: Iron Butt Association P.O. Box 9450 Naperville, IL 60567-9450 Should you decide to tackle the Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge, we wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing about your ride! Please remember to ride safely as possible and be aware of your limitations.