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Date last revised: November 21, 2019

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In-State rides are motorcycle rides that are TOTALLY within the borders of a single state.  Any of the traditional rides (Saddlesore 1000, Bun Burner 1500, Bun Burner Gold) can be 'in-state rides', but you must closely follow the requirements of those specific rides.

There are many in-state rides that require you to travel through specific cities.  Those rides are listed separately in the Ride List.

Documentation:  See here.


DBR - Dated Business Receipt

A DBR is a machine generated receipt with the date, time and LOCATION on it.  Check it - do not assume it is correct.  A receipt with an incorrect time/date/location is worthless.  Check and re-check.

Fees:  The fee for an in-state ride is the same as for the equivalent traditional ride.


The ride must be completed in the time specified for the traditional ride.

You may start at any city in the State. You may end at any city within the State.

You may not leave the State- except for safety reasons and if you leave you MUST re-enter the State at the same point  you left it. 

You must obtain a DBR every 350 miles or less.

You may take any route you like - but remember you may not leave the State.

Your official time is determined by the starting and ending receipts.  PLEASE check these documents and make sure the clock and date are correct! is strongly recommended but not required.

Remember it is YOUR responsibility to prove you stayed within the State.  Spotwalla goes a long way towards this proof.


Pins:  $8.50 each

In-state ride pins are available for all US States (except for Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont) and all ridable Canadian Provinces.

Patches:  $8.75 each
In-state patches are available only for Arizona, California, Florida, Texas and Washington

Not to size.  Patches are 3.25 inches tall.

In-state BBG patches are available only for Texas