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SaddleSore Km Series

Bun Burner Km Series

Version No. 2.0

Date last revised: January 12, 2017

2017, Iron Butt Association, Chicago, Illinois
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The SaddleSore Series  and Bun Burner Series consist of several rides.  Each ride involves a distance challenge and a time challenge.  There are no intermediate time or distance requirements (except as noted below).  You may, however, create additional challenges for yourself if you want to increase the number of certificates for which you may qualify.  See more details about nesting here.

Read the rules for the iconic SaddleSore 1600 on the Ironbutt Association site.   The rules are identical to those of a SaddleSore 1600, except the mileage and time requirements are greater.

You may elect to ride more miles in any one day, as long as the total mileage of the entire ride is within the time challenge. So if your personal rhythm means you would rather ride 1,350 kms on day one and then take an extended motel stop, well into the second day, you may do so, as long as the total milege is completed within the time challenge.

You have several options to bail out on these rides. The documents needed are the same as a SaddleSore 1600K so if you cannot complete, say, the SaddleSore 3000K, you may still have successfully completed the Saddlesore 2000K.

Documentation:  See here.


DBR - Dated Business Receipt

A DBR is a machine generated receipt with the date, time and LOCATION on it.  Check it - do not assume it is correct.  A receipt with an incorrect time/date/location is worthless.  Check and re-check.


SaddleSore 2000K
Ride 2,000 km in less than 24 hours
SaddleSore 3000K
Ride 3,000 km in less than 36 hours
SaddleSore 3000K Gold
Ride 3,000 km in less than 24 hours
Saddlesore 4000K
Ride 4,000 km in less than 60 hours
SaddleSore 4000K Gold
Ride 4,000 km in less than 48 hours
SaddleSore 5000K
Ride 5,000 km in less than 3 days
SaddleSore 5000K Gold
Ride 5,000 km in less than 60 hours
SaddleSore 6000K
Ride 6,000 km in less than 4 days
SaddleSore 7000K
Ride 7,000 km in less than 4 days
SaddleSore 8000K
Ride 8,000 km in less than 5 days
SaddleSore 10000K
Ride 10,000 miles in less than 6 days
SaddleSore 12000K
Ride 12,000 km in less than 7 days
SaddleSore 18000K
Ride 18,000 km in less then 12 days
Bun Burner Gold 2500K
Ride 2,500 km in less than 24 hours

Your official time is determined by the starting and ending receipts.  PLEASE check these documents and make sure the clock and date are correct! is strongly recommended but not required.

It is YOUR responsibility to prove you did the ride.  Spotwalla goes a long way towards this proof.


Pins:  $8.50 each

Patches:  $8.75 each