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2017 IBA Memorial Day Memorial Ride

Memorial Day is Monday, May 29.

The weather will be just right—not too hot and not too cold.

What a great time to go for a ride and participate in the Iron Butt Association’s Memorial Day Memorial Ride.

As in previous years, the rules are simple—complete any IBA ride, with at least part of the ride being on Monday, May 29.  So you can start anytime and finish on Memorial Day; or start on Memorial day and finish any time; or start before Memorial day and finish after Memorial day.

As in the past, we will issue a special certificate for this ride. 

Do you have riding buddy who is not a member of the IBA?  This is a great way to introduce him (or her) to the passion that we have for the open road.  Why not show that friend how to plan, execute and document an IBA ride.  As a 'thank you' for doing that extra work, Premier members have volunteered to do a lot of the ground work on this special Memorial day ride, donating their time so you may take $20 off YOUR certification fee for you donating your time helping a new rider join the IBA (if you and your friend submit your paperwork at the same time)!

To register for the ride, go to Ridemaster.  You don’t have to pay your certification fee until after the ride, but your registration will guarantee that you will receive all information about the ride as the time gets closer.

Questions?  Just call me or email.