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Australian Coast to Coast Series

This series includes 8 unique rides.  See below for more details on each ride.

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The original 50cc to be verified was completed in 2003 on a run from Melbourne, Victoria to Darwin, Northern Territory establishing the Australia 50cc. This ride was ridden by Bill Thweatt from Plano, Texas; John McCrindle, Derrick Sutton and Bernard Petherbridge, all Australian riders.

In 2006 David “Davo” Jones rode from Brisbane, Queensland (near Firshermans Island) to Perth, Western Australia (Freemantle) to complete and have verified the Australia 50cc GOLD.

June 2011 saw Roland Phillips complete a 50cc from Broome Western Australia to Bowen Queensland to complete and have verified an Australia 50cc across the top part of Australia.

In March 2014 two riders, Dave Barwood from Australia and Michael Turnpenny from Scotland completed the first Western Australia 50CC Gold from Esperance to Wyndham.

The East Coast had previously been left untapped for many decades. Continual roadwork’s due to regular flooding, isolation and both native and farm animals have made the pilgrimage not very attractive. Having traversed Australia on countless occasions, Karl Pirchmoser aka Skidoo was after a challenge and completed the first East Coast 50cc GOLD in March 2016.

Since the establishment of some of those rides above, a number of intrepid riders have completed a range of extensions; 100ccc, 100cccccc, 150cccc Insanity GOLD, including some not quite right riders completing some of these rides on 149cc bikes!!

A number of the reports from these rides may be found here:

As of November 2016, Australia now has Coast to Coast rides established on our West Coast, East Coast, across the southern part of Australia and the Northern part of Australia and up through the centre from Melbourne/Darwin.  It is not envisaged that any further Coast to Coast rides using different routes or start/finish locations will be verified, however should a rider wish to put forward a proposal then please email [email protected] .

Documentation:  The basis of the rules for all of the Australian Coast to Coast series of rides may be found here referred to in the USA as 50cc Quest Rules.

Remittance Fee:  50 hour rides--see fee page
                              100 hour rides---see fee page


DBR - Dated Business Receipt

A DBR is a machine generated receipt with the date, time and LOCATION on it.  Check it - do not assume it is correct.  A receipt with an incorrect time/date/location is worthless.  Check and re-check.

The Rides

Australia 50cc (Melbourne, Victoria to Darwin, Northern Territory in under 50 hours) - Start/finish Port Melbourne – Darwin


Australia 50CC (Broome, Western Australia to Bowen, Queensland in under 50 hours) - Start/finish Broome - Bowen


Western Australia 50cc GOLD (Esperance, Western Australia to Wyndham, Western Australia in under 50 hours) Start/finish Esperance via Brookton, Kelmscott and Geraldton –  Wyndham

Australia 50cc GOLD East (Indian Ocean to Pacific Ocean in under 50 Hours)  – Start/finish Warrnambool, Victoria via Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Tamworth, New South Wales, Toowoomba Queensland, and Roma, Queensland - Cooktown, Queensland.


Australia 50cc GOLD (Sydney/Brisbane, New South Wales  to Perth (Fremantle), Western Australia in under 50 hours) – Start/finish point on the coast anywhere between Sydney and Brisbane - Freemantle, Perth.

Australia 100ccc Insanity (South Coast to North Coast to South Coast in less than 100 hours!)

Australia 100ccc Insanity GOLD (West Coast to East Coast to West Coast in less than 100 hours!)

Australia 150cccc Insanity GOLD (East Coast to West Coast to East Coast to West Coast in less than 150 hours!)

Your official time is determined by the starting and ending receipts.  PLEASE check these documents and make sure the clock and date is correct! is strongly recommended but not required.