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The Ends of the Earth

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Date last revised: October 9, 2018

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This ride encompasses some of Australia�s most gruelling riding conditions with many hundreds of kilometres of remote, corrugations, sand, red bull dust, countless unsealed water crossings and a ferry crossing. Wildlife include, cattle, kangaroos, horses and crocodiles that pose risk to the rider.
Due to monsoonal rains in the tropics, access is closed for many months of the year making the road impassable to all vehicles.
Many areas are accessible only by a single lane track and care must be taken as if misadventure was to occur help may be several hours away once contact has been made for help.
Extensive work is being undertaken to seal the Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR). This is the main road north and countless sections are being developed simultaneously and it appears that it is almost a race to have it sealed.
Not avoiding a challenge, Karl Pirchmoser aka Skidoo completed the ride in May 2018 whilst the majority of the PDR road was unsealed.


The ride starts at Cape York (Far North Queensland) and finishes in Wilsons Promontory Victoria. The ride may be done in the reverse order if preferred.
--    A Dated Business Receipt (DBR) is a machine generated receipt with the date, time and must have Bamaga (Qld) reflected on it. This receipt is required either to or from Cape York and does not reflect the actual commencement of completion times. Appropriate documentation must also be completed as required.

--   The ride officially commences or concludes at �Cape York� car park. It is up to the rider being able to prove times and a SPOT or other GPS device is required.

--   Photo/s are required of the bike, speedo, rider and signage at the Cape York car park.

--    The finish location must have a DBR receipt with the date, time and Wilsons Promontory (Vic) reflected on it. A photo with the bike, speedo and rider are also required in front of a signage reflecting Wilsons Promontory with appropriate documentation completed.

--    You must obtain a DBR every 600 kilometres or less as per IBA rules

--    The ride must be completed within 60hrs.

--    Any route may be taken by the rider as long as Cape York and Wilsons Property are the designated start and finish locations.

--    To adhere to the spirit and acknowledging the complexity of this challenge, the rider must ride the same motorcycle the entire trip.



Cape York Car Park


Starting Speedo


O of the many river crossings


Getting to the starting point


The finish point


Finishing speedo