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Border to Border Series

Version 2.1
Date last revised:  May 15, 2022

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The Border to Border Series consists of motorcycle rides that travel between Canada and Mexico. Several advanced versions are also available beyond the basic Challenge level, as described below.


DBR - Dated Business Receipt

A DBR is a machine generated receipt with the date, time and LOCATION on it.  Check it - do not assume it is correct.  A receipt with an incorrect time/date/location is worthless.  Check and re-check.


Border to Border
Time Limit
Canada-Mexico (or reverse)
less than 36 hours
See fee page
Canada-Mexico (or reverse)
less than 24 hours
See fee page
Back to Back
Canada-Mexico-Canada back-to-back
less than 72 hours
See fee page
Canada-Mexico-Canada back-to-back
less than 48 hours
See fee page
From Hell
Edmunston, NB-Matamoros, MX-Surrey, BC
less than 6 days
See fee page

*includes Border to Border pin.  Border to Border patch is available for $8.50.

Read the rules for the iconic SaddleSore 1000 on the Ironbutt Association site.  The rules for this ride are similar and you will get valuable background information.

You must obtain a DBR at your starting, intermediate, and finishing locations AND every 350 miles or less.

Documentation: See here

You must document your ride from Mexico to Canada (you and your motorcycle MUST cross both borders!)

Please note: You must prove you crossed the border with your motorcycle to both Mexico and Canada. Due to the language difficulties, we are flexible on documentation but still, the burden to prove you made the crossing is on you. Some acceptable forms of proof include: - Written statements from Customs agents that you crossed the border (use witness form). Be warned that these maybe difficult to obtain. - You may cross the border and obtain a time/dated receipt for a purchase and then cross back into the USA to obtain the ending witnesses. Pictures are also considered evidence on this ride that your motorcycle was in Mexico and Canada. 

PASSPORT: A Passport or Nexus card (those are difficult to obtain) is required to enter back in to the USA!

INSURANCE: Most motorcycle insurance is NOT valid in Mexico. Most riders will have to purchase special insurance (if you cannot find it locally, it is available in most USA border towns near the Mexico border). In Canada, you must carry an endorsement to show your insurance is valid in Canada. If you are from outside the USA and contemplating this ride, the USA has similar requirements for operation of a motor vehicle you will have to meet. The best resource for up to date information is available by reaching out to IBA members on the IBA forum at


Greg Rice report is strongly recommended but not required.

Merchandise:  Available through the ibaestore.

Pins:  (Not true to size--pins are 1.75 inches tall)


Patches: (Not true to size--patches are 3.5 inches tall)