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Date last revised: January 28, 2023

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Passport StampThe National Parks Tour Master Traveler Award Series consists of motorcycle rides that include the basic level requirement to visit at least 50 sites in 25 states in less than 1 year. Several advanced versions are also available beyond the basic level, as described below. Additional requirements apply for awards beyond the basic level.


Fee*:  See fee page

Award Level

Visit at least 50 sites in at least 25 states

Must include site in CA, FL, Northwest, and Northeast

Must include site in CA, FL, AK, and Northeast

Must meet Gold level plus site in HI

Two Gold Level Awards in less than 1 year

*includes certification verification and pin

Northwest:  Washington State or Canada northwest of the Washington border

Northeast:  Maine or Canada northeast of the Maine border

Alaska:  only sites north of the 60th parallel are eligible

Hawaii:  must visit site by motorcycle.  You must tell us how you obtained a motorcycle to ride to this site (local rentals are acceptable).

o Visit at least 50 Monuments/Parks/Related Areas (will refer to as parks) in the National Park System listed here: of which 25 MUST include "Park" in their name in at least 25 states within 1 year.  The goal is to have you spend at least a few minutes learning about the history and significance of this park.

Get a selfie with either:

--the Park visitors center sign in the background; or,

--the monument or other easily and readily identifiable feature in the background.

Almost every park listed in the websie above has a visitors center or ranger station which clearly indicates the name of the park service site.

You must actually 'visit' the park.

In the past, before the advent of smart phones and spotwalla, the only way to verify that a rider visited a park was by way of a stamp which can be found at each park visitors center.  The 'old' requirements for this ride required the rider to submit copies of the various stamps.

This requirement is no longer in force.  Stamps are no longer required.

However, collecting stamps can be fun.

Many park visitor centers have many stamps of parks nearby. 

If you want to collect park stamps,.

o Purchase a "Passport to Your National Parks" book (approx $12.95) from either a National Park Visitor's Center or by mail from:

Eastern National Park and Monument Association
470 Maryland Drive, Suite 2
Fort Washington, PA 19034

or on-line from or call (877) NAT-PARK (The proceeds from this book go to helping the park service provide services to visitors).

o When at the Park, you may stop by the Visitor's Center and stamp your passport (the stamp is free) with the round rubber-ink stamp that contains the Park's name and location.

Here is an complete list of stamps available at NPS locations as of February, 2022, prepared by Joanna Wojtowicz Southwood.  (When you click on this link, the list will be downloaded as a .zip file into your download folder)

o Canada parks (National Parks, National Historic Sites) do not all have stamps available. For a list of eligible sites visit:
Canadian National Parks
Canadian National Historic Sites

o Please remember that most National Parks do charge an entry or "user" fee to enter the park. With admission to Yellowstone NP running $35, information for annual and lifetime passes is available here:

Documentation:  See here.  ADDITIONALLY:

--send us your selfie photos clearly labeled with the name of the park you are claiming.

--Prepare a tabular listing of your accomplishments.  Use the same park names here that you put on your pictures.

More information

o There is a National Parks Forum with endless tips run by W. Boyter located at and

o For an addict's view of stamp collecting, don't miss Robert Higdon's The Quest

You may also want to check out Daniel Cohen's site (Daniel holds several records in the stamp collecting game!) here


Pins - $8.50 EACH

Not to size.  Pins measure 1.75 inches tall.


Patches:  $8.75 each

Not to size.  Patches measure 3.25 inches tall