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The Snowy Mountain Scheme

The Snowy Mountain Scheme (SMS) looms large in Australian history and is recognized as the most daring engineering project undertaken at the time. It was commenced in 1949 and completed in 1974, was the making of the modern Australia and to this day is performing as promised. The SMS has two purposes, one to supply water for irrigation and secondly to generate electricity, both of which it deliver admirably, via its many dams, mains and minor power stations.

The Ride:
It matters not from where you start or finish, nor the distance or time taken, as long as the minimum of 1000M / 1610K in less than 24 hours has been achieved. In addition, it is highly recommended that a Spot (™), or other electronic location device be carried, to provide further proof of route taken. As an alternative, a picture in the location with a current newspaper may satisfy the IBA as well.
It is not advisable to travel within the Snowy Mountains National Park when dark, due to the high risk of an animal strike. Fortunately, to lessen the risk of night time riding, Talbingo, Khancoban and Adaminaby do not have “out of hours facilities” to obtain dockets. It would also somewhat reduce the enjoyment of the magnificent scenery of the region.
It is possible at all the required town location to obtain receipts during business hours, Cabramurra does have an “automated fuel pump, with receipt 24/7”, handy as the Caf´┐Ż only opens at 1000hrs/10am.

The aim of this IBA ride is to incorporate the 5 (five) main Power Stations and the 6 (six) significant towns of the SMS. These being:

ALERTDue to significant destruction by fire in the aea of Cabramurra, the Tumut 1 and Tumut 2 power stations and Cabramurra itself may not be accessible.  A non-paved road is present around these areas.

In lieu of required pictures of the Tumut 1 and  Tumut 2 and a receipt at Cabramurra, you must obtain a picture of your bike with the Cabramurra radio tower in the background.  You may access this via the Kings Cross road.

This amendment will remain in place until access to the power plants is restored.

Cabramurra Radio Tower (S 35.9410 E  148.3886743)


Tumut 1 (S 35* 56.191’, E 148* 23.014’)


Tumut 2 (S 35* 52.525’, E 148* 22.173’)

Tumut 3 (S 35* 36.604’, E 148* 17.454’)

Murray 1 (S 36* 14.826’, E 148* 11.316’)

Murray 2 (S 36* 14.497’, E 148* 08.285’)

Only Murray 1 Power Station can be visited and toured and apart from Tumut 1, where access in blocked 6km from it, the rest can be seen from various vantage points.

Talbingo (near Tumut 3)
Cabramurra (near Tumut 1 + 2)
Khancoban (near Murray 1 + 2)
Jindabyne (enroute to Cooma so can not be missed)

The order this is achieved is up to the participant (s) and is largely governed by the approach to the Snowy Mountains one has chosen.

The order that the six towns are visited is up to the participant (s) and is largely governed by which of the four possible approaches to the Snowy Mountains is chosen. These six towns are significant to the SMS, as Talbingo, Jindabyne and Adaminaby were relocated from their original sites, to give way to many lakes and pondages. Cabramurra and Khancoban were built as “company towns”, purely to house the workers. Cabramurra still is a dedicated “company town” and also holds the distinction as the “Highest Town in Australia”. Cooma, in 1969, became the headquarters of the SMS, as it was centrally located and an established transport hub of the region.

The attached map show only the locations of the towns, as the Power Stations are much too hard to pinpoint, but they are very clearly signposted so easy to find and GPS coordinates provided, to further aid their detection.


Documentation:  See

Remittance Fee:  $50 for certificate only


DBR - Dated Business Receipt

A DBR is a machine generated receipt with the date, time and LOCATION on it.  Check it -

All that is required now is for you to go and have some fun and enjoy the ride.

Your official time is determined by the starting and ending receipts.  PLEASE check these documents and make sure the clock and date is correct! is strongly recommended but not required.

    If you cannot get a receipt you must take a picture, including your motorcycle, to PROVE you were in the town.  Remember it is YOUR responsibility to prove you did the ride.  Spotwalla goes a long way towards this proof.