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Date last revised: May 20, 2021

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The Ride Around New England is roughly 1,800 miles. 

Very little of the route is on interstates; most is not on fast roads: specifically, less than 550 miles are interstate or more than 2 lanes. The ride in southern CT and western MA and VT can be extremely slow going due to traffic - even on the weekends. While the remainder of the roads don’t necessarily carry a great deal of traffic, they can be slow due to the local geography and the prevalence of moose and deer. The roads in the upper north can be fun roads to ride - many roller-coaster and twisty type roads – but they can slow you down as well.  Reasonable lodging can be difficult to find in the north so plan accordingly.

At the 48 hour pace, the Ride Around New England is slightly slower, at 38 mph, than a SaddleSore. 1000.  The Ride Around New England Gold at 38 hours has a pace of 47 mph, which is similar to a SS3000 Gold pace.

Read the rules for the iconic SaddleSore 1000 on the Ironbutt Association site.  The rules for this ride are similar and you will get valuable background information.

See here.

A spotwalla track is required to document the ride.
See rules below.


DBR - Dated Business Receipt

A DBR is a machine generated receipt with the date, time and LOCATION on it.  Check it - do not assume it is correct.  A receipt with an incorrect time/date/location is worthless.  Check and re-check.

Fees:  See fee page


The ride must be completed in:
--Ride Around New England--less than 48 hours
--Ride Around New England Gold--less than 38 hours

You may start anywhere in New England.  You must start and end the ride at the same location, i.e. same DBR.

You may not leave the New England- except for safety reasons and if you leave you MUST re-enter New England at the same point you left it.

You must obtain DBR every 350 miles or less AND in the locations indicated below. The receipt MUST indicate the city, date and time.  Check your receipts.

You may not leave the New England- except for safety reasons and if you leave you MUST re-enter New England at the same point  you left it.


The Ride Around New England is roughly 1,800 miles.  You must ride your motorcycle around the New England states and collect DBRs or photos from 14 different locations which take you around New England. These locations are indicated below. All photos require your motorcycle to be in the picture. These are:

1.    Pilgrim Monument and Museum, 27 High Point Hill Rd Provincetown MA    - Photo of Museum sign
2.    RI State Capital, Providence RI   - Photo of Capital
3.    Submarine Veterans National Monument, Groton CT   - Photo of Monument
4.    Shell Gas, 142 Railroad Ave Greenwich CT - DBR
5.    Berkshire Museum, 39 South St Pittsfield MA    - Photo of Museum Sign
6.    Bennington Battle Monument, 15 Monument Cir Old Bennington MA   - Photo of Monument
7.    Green Mountain National Forest, 231 N Main St Rutland VT   - Photo of Bldg. and Sign
8.    Abenaki Memorial Totem, 20 Academy St Swanton VT    - Photo of Totem
9.    Post Office, 1362 Main St Pittsburg NH    - Photo of Post Office Showing Town Name
10.    Circle Gas 17 Moosehead Tr, Newport ME - DBR
11.    Fort Kent Historical Blockhouse, 15 Blockhouse Rd Fort Kent
12.    4 Corners Park 121 four Corners Park Madawaska ME    - Photo of Monument
13.    Fisherman’s Statue 55 Water St Eastport ME    - Photo of Statue

---Start and finish Gas stops    - Photo of DBR w/ ODO Reading.

You may take any route you like - but remember you may not leave the New England.
If you find a gas station closed, document the closure and get gas at the next nearest station that is open. The required gas stations have been checked for 24 hour operation but you should recheck that detail prior to your ride.

If you find another required waypoint closed, just take a picture of the closure and move on. is  required.

Remember it is YOUR responsibility to prove you visited all required stops. 


There is no merchandise for this ride.