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Date last revised: February 1, 2023

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The State Capital Tours consist of motorcycle rides that include the challenge of visiting all 50 state capitals. There are several versions of this Tour.

Fee:  See fee page

Award Level
Time Limit
Visit at least 25 state capitals*
One year
Visit all lower-48 state capitals
Two years
Visit 50 state capitals
Two years
Alphabetical Capitals Expedition**
Visit lower 48 capitals PLUS District of Columbia IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER by state
Two years
Alphabetical Capitals Expedition  PLUS***
Same as above, but include Alaska
Three years
Alphabetical Capital Expedition Platinum***
Same as above, but include Hawaii
Three years

*at least 10 of which must be west of the Mississippi River

**The states that you visit must be in alpabetical order.  So first visit Montgomery, ALABAMA; then  Phoenix, Arizona; then Little Rock, Arkansas; et. cet.

***The states that you visit must be in alphabetical order.  So first visit Montgomery, ALABAMA; then visit Juneau, ALASKA; then Phoenix, Arizona; et. cet.

Hawaii: Must visit the capital by motorcycle.  You must tell us how you obtained a motorcycle to ride to this capital.

Documentation:  Contact your Premier Team for instructions.


You must get a DBR in the state capital.

You must take a picture of the state capital with your motorcycle somewhere in the picture.  If your visit is during darkness, most capital buildings are well lit.  Submit whatever picture you can get. When in doujbt, get a DBR as extra backup.

Spotwalla is NOT required for this tour.  DBRs and photos ARE required.


There is no additional merchandise for this ride.