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SpotWalla Protocols for Ride Certifications
Version No. 1.02
Date last revised: August10, 2022

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Satellite tracking devices have become common use technology in the long-distance riding and motorcycle touring communities.  SpotWalla is a site that allows members to capture the satellite tracking and location marking information created for a “trip.”  This captured trip data is very useful to riders, to share with friends/family and importantly create a common data display and collection platform among the many proprietary tracking device vendors.  To join SpotWalla and learn more about its many benefits, click:

It is a standing rule of IBA ride certification that it is the responsibility of the rider to “prove” completing the ride as specified by the certification protocols.  As the complexity of IBA certification rides has grown, so has the need for supplemental documentation to support elements of the rider’s application.  Therefore, the satellite tracking device and SpotWalla trip protocols below must be followed when “SpotWalla use is mandatory” for IBA ride certification.  Nevertheless, it is good practice to obtain gas reciepts or other DBRs at key locations along your route to help prove your ride just in case your satellite tracking device fails during the ride.

These protocols may be followed even if the certification requirements do not make SpotWalla trip data mandatory.

When SpotWalla use is mandatory:

You must use a tracking device to record your entire actual ride route, and you must upload the track points to SpotWalla (Trips). You must provide the SpotWalla trip link for the ride’s track points when applying for your ride certification.  It is your responsibility to ensure your satellite tracking device functions correctly and the tracking data is uploaded to SpotWalla for the entire trip.  Check the device and SpotWalla settings before, during and after the ride. 


Device Settings:  On your tracking device, before starting the ride, you must set the following options

  • Update frequency:  5 minutes if available, or to the smallest value otherwise
  • Wait time for GPS fix:  30 seconds or greater

SpotWalla Trip Settings:  Within SpotWalla, you must set the following options before submitting your application for ride certification:

Security Options:

  • Allow public to download trip data?  YES
  • Hide the time of each location?  NO
  • Optional Password:  We prefer no password; if one is used, you must provide it to us.
  • What types of messages do you want to show on this trip?  Check all (OK, Help, Tracking, Custom)

Map Options:

  • What type of icon should be used to display each location?  DOT for Tracking; ICON for others
  • Draw a line from one location to the next?  YES


IBA Certification Application Elements:  Please submit the following SpotWalla trip elements with your certification application.

Trip Link:  SpotWalla:Trip Manager:My Trips:Named Trip pulldown:Trip Links:

The Iron Butt Association PremierPlus progran offers low cost options for SpotWalla usage.