IBA Electronic Ride Application Program

For those wanting to save time of dealing with snail like postal mail and are willing to scan needed ride documents and are willing to pay on-line via a secure server (after your ride is verified), you might want to try electronic submission. Submissions will be acknowledged, so you’ll know that your documents have been received. If for some reason there is a delay in the certification of your ride, you will have the ability to ask, and we will have the ability to answer, what the problem may be.

This program will eventually expand, but in order to get up to speed, the program will be limited to riders that can meet the following conditions.

--Must be able to prepare an on-line map of their ride for example, using google maps www.ironbutt.com/googlemaps

or Map Quest, using the addresses shown on the gas receipts as your waypoints.

--Must submit forms and documents electronically - (that means, scan or picture of receipts and forms) and neatly. Documents must be readable. Receipts should be labeled with motorcycle odometer reading and googlemap reference.

--For those who use an on-line tracking system (one where the data is written to an independent on-line source, such as SPOTWALLA), submit the link to the tracking system.

If you can make your ride fit in the above perimeters, click on the following link to set up your email submittal (if your email is configured correctly, this will set up an email with all the needed information for submittal: PLEASE FILL IN THE SUBJECT LINE WITH YOUR NAME, COUNTRY AND RIDE TYPE

ON-LINE Certification

If the above email link does not work (especially Chrome users using Gmail), click here.

Once you send your application, you will recieve an automated email confirmation. If you do not, please send an email to [email protected]

PLEASE REMEMBER [email protected] is for QUESTIONS, [email protected] is for the actual application.
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