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Interstate 10 End to End

Version: No. 1.01
Date last revised: December 10, 2019

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To successfully complete this ride, you must traverse the entirety of this trip on I-10. For the purposes of E2E certification you must transit I-10 end points through Exit 1A, Santa Monica CA and through Exit 362, Jacksonville FL. Use caution to remain on I-10 the entire route. Do not take peripheral highways or feeder routes off of I-10 to avoid traffic congestion.

Exercise routing caution through these cities to remain on the primary interstate::

--Tallahassee FL
--New Orleans LA
--Lake Charles LA
--Houston TX
--San Antonio TX
--Phoenix AZ
--Los Angeles CA

There may be other cities where google maps will try to direct you off of I-10 because of traffic.  DO NOT TAKE THESE QUICKER ROUTES.  STAY ON I-10.

The google map link below was created using shaping points to follow the primary Interstate from each end point.  Depending on the device used and the current traffic conditions, google maps may direct you away from the correct Interstate route.  When you ride this I-E2E please rely on your own routing along the primary Interstate.  Exercise special caution to remain on the primary Interstate through the cities listed above.  You may rely on your satellite tracking device to PROVE that you took these in-city routes; however, if you have any doubts about the accuracy of functioning of these devices, you would be well advised to get a DBR along each of these in-city routes.

Suggested I-10 route

SpotWalla use is mandatory:

You must use a tracking device to record your entire actual ride route, and you must upload the track points to SpotWalla (Trips). You must provide the SpotWalla trip link for the ride’s track points when applying for your ride certification.  It is your responsibility to ensure your satellite tracking device functions correctly and the tracking data is uploaded to SpotWalla for the entire trip.  Check the device and SpotWalla settings before, during and after the ride. Be sure you comply with the SpotWalla Protocols listed here.